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Gay Street Parklet

Take in the sights at Gay & High

The Gay Street Parklet

Take in the sights at Gay & High! Designed for sitting, sipping or just stopping for a rest, the Gay Street Parklet is back in Downtown Columbus. Located on two parking spaces next to Brioso Coffee, the parklet has seating for 12 people, providing an optimal hangout spot in the bustling Gay Street District. 

Look up for a picture-perfect view of “Current” by Janet Echelman, installed in early 2023.

The parklet is meant for everyone to enjoy, so come on up and take a seat! Bring a book, sip a coffee from Brioso, enjoy a DORA beverage from a local bar, or just take in the surroundings. 

What is a parklet?

A parklet is a community space designed in what’s traditionally a curbside parking space, made for relaxation and recreation. It’s a placemaking opportunity for folks to enjoy the public space and surrounding neighborhood. 

Downtown Columbus, Inc. funded the design, fabrication and installation of this parklet as well as the furniture and decor. The design and fabrication is by NK Design. It will be installed until December of 2024.

"Current" by Janet Echelman

The Scioto Mile Fountain is closed today, Monday, July 22, for maintenance.