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About Downtown Columbus

The Beating Heart of Columbus

Welcome to Downtown Columbus, where the pulse of the city beats strongest and where vibrant culture, dynamic business, and community spirit converge. Nestled along the scenic Scioto River and steeped in history, Downtown Columbus embodies the essence of modern urban living while celebrating its rich heritage. 


Downtown Dining

Discover a world of endless possibilities as you explore our bustling streets lined with eclectic shops and diverse dining establishments. From artisanal coffee shops to upscale eateries, Downtown Columbus offers a culinary journey that caters to every palate. 


Arts and Culture Downtown 

Immerse yourself in our thriving arts and culture scene, where galleries showcase local talent, and the streets are dotted with a growing collection of public art. Downtown is home to historic theaters that host Broadway shows, performances by the Columbus Symphony, iconic ballets and more. Music venues resonate with the sounds of emerging artists and renowned acts alike. With iconic landmarks such as the National Veterans Memorial and Museum and the Columbus Museum of Art, Downtown Columbus is a treasure trove of history and creativity.


Experience Downtown

But it’s not just about the sights and sounds—Downtown Columbus is the crossroads for the Columbus community, a place where neighbors become friends and where diversity is celebrated. From family-friendly events at Columbus Commons to lively festivals along the Scioto Mile, there’s always something happening in Downtown Columbus that brings people together and creates lasting memories. 

As the heart of Ohio’s capital city, Downtown Columbus is also a hub of innovation and opportunity. From Fortune 500 companies to startups and entrepreneurial ventures, whether you’re thriving or striving, Downtown Columbus is where businesses can flourish.  

Whether you’re strolling along the riverfront, exploring the vibrant neighborhoods, or experiencing the energy of our bustling streets, Downtown Columbus invites you to discover the essence of urban living at its finest. Welcome to Downtown Columbus—where every moment is an adventure, and every experience is exceptional.  


We are Downtown Columbus.

Here in Downtown Columbus, we stand at the intersection of history and horizon. The city tells tales of where we’ve been and visions of where we’re headed. We’re a city of dreamers, doers, and believers; it’s written on the pavement of our streets, in the air, and in every handshake.

Map of Downtown Columbus, located inside of the 670 loop