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Effortless transit solutions for your everyday commute. Navigate the city with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Transit Information

Don’t have a car? Prefer to bike? Rather leave the driving to someone else? It’s still easy to get around Downtown. From COTA buses to CoGo Bike Share and RideSolutions, there are tons of options for getting to, from and around Downtown Columbus.


Central Ohio Transit Authority

Read, chill or put on some tunes and leave the driving to COTA (Central Ohio Transit Authority). Our public bus system offers no-hassle commuter service for Franklin county and parts of Delaware, Fairfield, Licking and Union counties. Local and express trips. Daily and monthly passes, too.

LinkUS: A new era of transport.

A transformative new transportation system will be on the ballot this November. LinkUS will connect the region through BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), bringing together key corridors and enhancing equitable transportation access across the city as we continue to grow. 

LinkUS will bring faster and safer public transportation along with safe pedestrian pathways to enhance and create more walkable communities. It is the culmination of over a decade of research and could transform the region as we know it. Learn more about LinkUS and its place on the November ballot below.

Bikes & Scooters

COGO Bike Share

Hop on anytime, thanks to the 24/7 CoGo Bike Share bicycle network and get unlimited, 30-minute trips. Choose from 24- and 72-hour passes or an annual membership if you’re a frequent rider. Find 300+ bicycles in 40 different locations throughout Downtown and adjoining neighborhoods.

Yay Bikes!

There’s something special about urban bicycling. Learn how to navigate Downtown streets and traffic safely with Yay Bikes! Offering fully customizable, on-road bicycle education experiences, Yay Bikes! can help boost your riding confidence and help you encourage others to bike, too.

Your Own

Your Own Bicycle

Ride your own bike and park it in one of almost 300 parking spots located throughout Downtown from the Convention Center to Nationwide Boulevard to The Scioto Mile. We’ve got a variety of bike shelters, including traditional racks, covered spaces and green-roofed “living shelters.”


Why hoof it when you can fly through town faster? For just a buck and some change, you can hop on a Bird, kick off, and go about 15 miles on a single charge. Ride the city streets or flock to a bike lane. The choice is yours.


Want to peel a few minutes off your commute and see Downtown Columbus from a different point of view? For just a dollar and some change, Lime’s no-dock scooter gets you moving fast. Step on, kick forward, and you’re off on an environmentally friendly ride.



Need a driver? Downtown Columbus has Uber. Pick a place you want to go, schedule a driver and get picked up quickly. No cash required since Uber’s mobile app handles payments. Try UberX for a lower-cost option or uberBLACK for luxury rides.


For a ride Downtown whenever you need it, try Lyft. Local drivers offer fast, affordable rides in minutes all day, every day. Download the Lyft app to your mobile phone to book on-the-go, see your fare, pay and rate your driver.

Emergency Ride Home

Sustainable commuting more your style? We’ve got that too. And thanks to the free Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program, if you’re registered with Gohio Commute, you won’t be stuck at work in case of emergency, illness or unexpected overtime.



Cheers to the taxi drivers waiting outside our many hotels. From helping you make a meeting to dropping you curbside at a favorite restaurant, catching a cab makes getting around Downtown quick and easy. Fares are prominently posted on meters and include a per-mile charge.