Downtown Concierge


Columbus’ collaborative spirit is revitalizing our Downtown culture and community, not to mention our literal landscape. Here’s where to keep up with the people and places making Downtown Columbus a more livable, workable, walkable, playable place to be.

Come Get It: Pat and Gracie’s Feast

Pat and Gracie’s

If you were a fan of Pat and Gracie’s Clintonville location, your mouth was watering as soon as you found out about their second location—right Downtown.

Located in the Discovery District, it’s an easy stroll down Gay Street (340 E…

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Dinosaur Gallery Opens at COSI

Dinosaur Gallery Opens at COSI

Little kids and big kids alike can't get enough of dinosaurs. Seeing Jurassic Park and Jurassic World over and over put dinosaurs in our minds forever…

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Holiday Shopping & Massage

holiday shopping

Holiday shopping zaps your energy, but what if you followed it up with a massage? And, what if you could get a massage during your shopping frenzy? Yep, that’s now possible…

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