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Over the past year, we engaged with almost 2,000 residents of the Columbus Region about the future of our Downtown Columbus. Our residents recognized the tremendous progress made in Downtown over the past two decades, and yet spoke loudly and clearly that there is more to do toward the goal of making this a neighborhood for all.

Through our public process, we’ve heard the community’s vision for a more inclusive, more equitable, and more vibrant Downtown. We heard you want to reimagine mobility so that it is quick, safe, and easy to get around Downtown without a car. You have called for more to do, more to see, and more places to go – and you expect these attractions and destinations to reflect the rich diversity of Columbus residents.

The plan is a bold vision and goals that require steadfastness and purpose.   The community has painted a clear picture for the Downtown they want to see and while we know what the puzzle will look like when complete, now begins the work of putting the pieces together and assembling this shared vision

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. So, as we look to the future with excitement and possibilities, we turn our attention to the present and begin work. These are the immediate steps that CDDC will get to work on:

  • Support the City’s Downtown traffic study to enhance mobility ease and options.
  • Conduct a Downtown retail support & growth study to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive retail environment
  • Explore strategies to attract residential retail offerings, including a grocery store
  • Analyze surface parking reduction strategies
  • Explore partnerships to increase economic diversity in Downtown housing to allow individuals at more income levels to live Downtown
  • Create and execute a Riverfront Activation Plan
  • Develop a Public Realm Campaign to activate and invigorate the Downtown pedestrian experience
  • Evaluate how districts like The Peninsula and Front Street can grow the live/work environment Downtown
  • Explore opportunities for Downtown to leverage the Intel investment
  • Develop and execute an ongoing marketing strategy to garner buy-in from residents and regional leaders about the value of Downtown.

The City of Columbus, CDDC and their partners will consider all possibilities to meet these objectives. But inaction is not an option. Residents have called for a people-focused Downtown that is more inviting to residents, workers and visitors. In adopting the Downtown Columbus Strategic Plan, we are committing to making this vision a reality.

Past Community Workshops

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Downtown Commission

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Community Workshop #3

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Community Workshop #2 Recap


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Community Workshop #1 Recap


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