Downtown Concierge

5 Cool Things to Do with Visitors in Downtown Columbus

1. One-of-a-Kind Experience

Not everyone is fortunate enough to call the New Home of the Brave “neighbor.” Columbus is. In fact, having the nation’s first and only museum dedicated to the military veteran experience – the National Veterans Memorial and Museum – right here in Downtown is a humbling honor. Your invited guests will think so, too.

2. Foodie’s Paradise

Some people like to cook. Some people like to bake. Some people like to shop. But everyone loves to eat. Give your out-of-town guests a gustatory tour of the authentic, eclectic, 44,000 square-foot public market known as the North Market. Here, purveyors and artisans of the fresh, the tasty, and the unusual offer their fare along with their most helpful advice.

3. Landmark Location

No visitor should leave Ohio’s Capitol City without seeing the seat of state government, the Ohio Statehouse. The Greek Revival architecture is something to behold, as is the self-supporting Atrium, and the 5,000 square-foot Ohio Statehouse Museum featuring historical artifacts and high-tech exhibits.

4. Spectator-Worthy Sports

Columbus is fanatical about sports, so you and your guests just gotta catch a game. Warm weather’s right for a Columbus Clippers minor league baseball game at Huntington Park. Don’t forget the ten-cent dogs and cello bags of salted peanuts. Cold weather calls for a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game at Nationwide Arena. Bonus points for introducing visitors to the one-and-only 5th Line.

5. A Good Night

Staying up late and getting loud is practically mandatory when out-of-towners come to stay. Rather than wake the kids (or the neighbors) with the ruckus, go where late-night reverie is welcomed and encouraged: a concert. Columbus hosts hundreds of live performances each year, featuring local and national musical artists from every genre. The hardest part? Choosing among Columbus’ many great concert venues, such as EXPRESS LIVE!, The Basement, A&R Music Bar, the Southern Theater, and the Bluestone.