Downtown Concierge


Columbus’ collaborative spirit is revitalizing our Downtown culture and community, not to mention our literal landscape. Here’s where to keep up with the people and places making Downtown Columbus a more livable, workable, walkable, playable place to be.

Get Ready to Roll: Downtown C-pass

Downtown C-pass launches June 1

Looking for a way to save some cold, hard cash? If you work within the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District, property owners will soon foot the bill for your commute…

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There's No Place Like Oz

BalletMet Dorothy and the Prince of Oz

As folks in Oz once heard from Dorothy, there's no place like home. But, most of us like to get out now and again…

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Find Fitness Fun at Columbus Commons

Columbus Commons Fitness Classes

Often in the winter, fitness feels like a real chore. Running on a belt (to nowhere); climbing stairs (to nowhere); biking (to nowhere)…

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