Downtown Concierge


Columbus’ collaborative spirit is revitalizing our Downtown culture and community, not to mention our literal landscape. Here’s where to keep up with the people and places making Downtown Columbus a more livable, workable, walkable, playable place to be.

Think Spring: 7 Downtown Ideas to Forget Cold

Think Spring Downtown

Tired of the cold? Us, too. It’s hard to Think Spring when it snows on the first day of Spring…

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Artists Connect Us

Artists make connections. Do you remember back in elementary school when you wrote to a pen pal in an exotic far away place? You built a connection with someone like you but from a different part of the world, enhancing your understanding of yourself and others…

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Downtown C-pass Rolls Soon

Downtown C-pass rolls into Columbus soon.

What if the moment you left for work, you were actually at work? That can happen, you know…

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