Downtown Concierge


Columbus’ collaborative spirit is revitalizing our Downtown culture and community, not to mention our literal landscape. Here’s where to keep up with the people and places making Downtown Columbus a more livable, workable, walkable, playable place to be.

Platform Brews

It’s no secret that the craft brew scene is huge in Columbus. Whether you prefer a pilsner, a double IPA or a hearty stout, choices abound…

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Discovery Development

As we are about to bid adieu to 2016, Motorists Insurance Group has made a big announcement, which will make an impact in the Discovery District for years to come…

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Art Outings

Whether you are looking for a family outing (especially once school is out - yikes) or to share the  city with out-of-town guests or simply to fill your art-loving bucket, there are a plethora of options downtown in December and early January…

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