Downtown Concierge


Columbus’ collaborative spirit is revitalizing our Downtown culture and community, not to mention our literal landscape. Here’s where to keep up with the people and places making Downtown Columbus a more livable, workable, walkable, playable place to be.

Market Pearl-fect

Pearl Market Pumpkins Resize

Relish the warm days and cool nights. They won’t keep December, January and February at bay forever…

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Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

Cartoon Crossroads Resize

Did you fight with your siblings over who got the funnies in the local paper? Especially on Sunday? If so, CCAD and Cartoon Crossroads Columbus have a festival for you (and other lovers of creativity)…

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How the Broadway Fan Stole a March

Grinch the Musical

On tickets that is. For many, those opening bars of the Whos singing “Welcome Christmas” as snowflakes fly through the mountain air are when it feels like Christmas is really here…

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