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Vegan Eats in Downtown Columbus


Jalapeno Popper Stuffed-Crust Pizza, 4th & State

Long gone are the days when vegans have to scour the web to find the few restaurants with one-off vegan menu items. Downtown Columbus is packed-full of restaurants serving plant-based fare. But if you still need help finding the right spot for you, look no further! Here's a list of Downtown restaurants that serve some tasty vegan eats.



Serving entirely vegan menus, 4th + State, named after its location at the intersection of E State and S Fourth Street, and Willowbeez SoulVeg in the North Market are both go-to options for vegan eaters.

4th + State

152 E State Street | Website>>

4th + State offers a variety of different options; from sandwiches to bowls, salads to pizzas, starters to sides, and breakfast to dinner.

Fan-favorite: The nachos and crunch wrap are incredible! - @ftchristina 

Willowbeez SoulVeg

59 Spruce Street | Website>>

Willowbeez brings soul food and southern-style cuisine to the forefront, with "love" being a listed ingredient on most of the menu!



Eating vegan doesn't always mean eating clean! Everyone wants a warm, indulgent bite of their favorite comfort foods once in a while.


463 N High Street | website>>

Bareburger offers an array of melt-in-your-mouth beyond burgers with vegan patties including sweet potato, good catch fish-free and the classic impossible burger. If you're extra hungry, add a side of plant-based nuggets to round out the meal. 


Pierogi Mountain

105 N Grant Ave | website>>

Serving vegan pierogis, stroganoff and even vegan mac and cheese, Pierogi Mountain is a great place for a hot bite and some booze too.


Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 S 4th Street | website>>

Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace puts dozens of vegan combos between their buns, and none will disappoint.

Noteworthy recommendation: Dirty Frank's is very vegan-friendly! - @capacolumbus


Mikey's Late Night Slice

268 S 4th Street | website>>

With vegan wings and by-the-slice-servings of their signature Vegan Buffalo Chick'n pizza, Mikey's is a favorite of pizza lovers of all appetites. Just make sure you go there for dinner because, as the name says, it's a late-night spot!


Condado Tacos

 132 S High Street | website>>

Don't forget to spend your Taco Tuesday at Condado, where you can build your own taco with one of their many vegan-friendly proteins like Thai Chili Tofu, Roasted Portobellos, BBQ Jackfruit or Veggie Chorizo.

tacos from downtown condados



Savory or spicy, these spots are serving up vegan dishes exploding with flavor. Plus with gluten-free and meat-eater options, there's something on the menu for everyone. 


72 E Lynn St | website>>

With all types of dishes and spices coming from the kitchen, Aroma lives up to its name and will provide a good meal for all appetites.

Columbus Commons Cafe (160 S High Street) | website>>

Tortilla's Mexican-style build-your-own menu gives hungry customers fast, easy, fresh fare. DIY burritos and bowls? Dinner is done. 

Indian Oven

427 E Main Street | website>>

 An award-winning spot for North Indian eats, Indian Oven touts an extensive menu of vegan meals made with top-quality ingredients that will delight any diner. 

Market 65 Local Eatery

 65 E State Street | website>>

Market 65 is known for its wide selection of farm-fresh salad toppings - from pickled red onion to olives to orzo - they're sure to have all your favorites, plus a few new ones to try. But wait there's more - soups, salads, wraps and paninis are all on the menu at Market 65. 



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you haven't tried these morning meals, you're missing out. 

Rio Fresh Cafe

50 N High Street | website>>

Rio does everything fresh, serving ready-to-go smoothies, salads and bowls full of nutritious ingredients.

Morning Ritual

219 S High Street | website>>

From biscuits to breakfast sandwiches, The Goat's Morning Ritual has a vegan bite for every appetite. The sans-creme de la creme? A vegan scramble complete with plant-based egg substitute, vegan biscuit and a boatload of veggies. Plus you can add Impossible Sausage for an added protein punch. 

Bonjour Cafe

330 S High Street | website>>

Bonjour Cafe has delicious pastries, including vegan crepes, along with other good breakfast and brunch options.

Rio Fresh


Looking for a midday meal or delicious dinner option? These restaurants have mouthwatering entrees for you to try.

Tiger + Lily

19 E Gay Street | website>>

Tiger + Lily is a Downtown favorite, serving Asian-style tofu plates and spring rolls with vegan options.


Hoyo's Kitchen  

59 Spruce Street (North Market) | website>>

Hoyo's Kitchen brings the spices of East Africa to the North Market. The Somali-inspired restaurant has vegan Basmati rice and a slew of proteins and vegetables that will satisfy any food lover.



You may not have expected it, but you can get some good vegan food at these spots downtown, too!

Hot Chicken Takeover

59 Spruce Street (North Market) | website>>

Known for its Nashville-style chicken, Hot Chicken Takeover is now tossing its signature spices on plant-based nuggets served with (drumroll please) vegan ranch.


Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

160 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215 | website>>

From Sorbet to Texas Sheet Cake,  Jeni's has made some of their most popular flavors dairy-free to the delight of vegans everywhere. Other popular options to try include Dark Chocolate Truffle, Lemon Bar and Cold Brew with Coconut Cream.