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Cultural Arts Center Pencil & PaperThe latest exhibit at the Cultural Arts Center features the most basic elements of art: Pencil & Paper. Artists Katherine Cox and Ann Silverman partner to share their individual passions of papermaking and pencil drawing. Elemental, yes. But, the works also touch the human spirit. Pencil & Paper runs through March 17.

Some art shouts, shocks or demands attention. However, this exhibit honors the quieter, more subtle art of pencil and paper. Ann Silverman creates fibers from plants and water, her work emerging from nature in what she calls a magical process. While, pencil and ink are composed of carbon, which Cox notes is a building block of life. Together, these basic media offer a blank surface onto which people express their imaginations. 

Cox and Silverman have known one another since 2004 and have exhibited together at invitational shows. However, this is the first two-person exhibit featuring their respective passions. Indeed, you won't want to miss it.

If you haven't been to the Cultural Arts Center, in addition to this and other exhibits, the building is well worth a visit. Built as a state arsenal in 1861, it served that purpose until the mid-1970's when it was renovated and opened as the CAC in 1978.  So, make an afternoon of it. Grab a bite to eat and toast your appreciation of art at Milestone 229, M at Miranova or Dempsey's. 

Classes Available at Cultural Arts Center

And, if you become inspired yourself, consider signing up for the next series of art classes at CAC. Registration begins February 24 at 8:30 a.m. online or at the registration desk. Choose from a very wide range of options, including jewelry and enameling; fiber arts; ceramics, sculpture and bronze; book and paper arts; drawing and painting; and printmaking. Classes begin March 5. Maybe you'll meet a fellow artist, and someday you'll have your own two-person show down the line.