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Getting Around

Downtown Columbus co-mingles big-city happenings with a traditional Midwestern attitude. Like most metro cities, it’s accessible and walkable (meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to run into someone you know). Walk, bike, skate, bus, taxi, drive, carpool, Segway, or scoot. How you move is up to you.

Whether you find your own way, use one of our online or print maps, or rely on a driver to get where you’re going, make sure to check out everything Downtown has to offer, including places to Eat & Drink, things to Experience, where to Stay and Events to delight in. Need traffic updates and road closings? Visit Paving the Way.

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Get Around

Get Around

Downtown C-pass

Downtown property owners will soon pick up the tab for unlimited COTA passes. It's legit. No more parking or commuting hassles. See if you qualify for the Downtown C-pass.