Getting Around

Whether you want to park and walk, ride a bus or hop on a bike, getting around Dowtown is easy. Below you’ll find some helpful suggestions. If you want an old-school, folded map that will easily fit into your pocket, give us a call at (614)228-5718, and we’ll send you one (or bunches). If you can’t wait for snail mail, get your very own downtown map here.


Commuting Options – RideSolutions
MORPC’s RideSolutions offers information and programs on sustainable commuting options including the added benefit of the Guaranteed Ride Home program, a free service that reassures RideSolutions commuters won’t be stranded at work in the case of emergency, unexpected overtime or in the absence of their driver.

Get Around by Bike, Bus or Car
This handy web site describes the many options for getting around by bike, bus or car including CoGo bike share, CBUS circulator and car2go car sharing.

Way Finding Sign System
Thanks to a partnership between the City of Columbus and Capital Crossroads SID, pedestrians can find map kiosks throughout downtown. Look for the blue information “i” signs, which include restaurants, retail stores, hotels, parking garages, surface parking lots, theaters and churches–all within a five-minute walk of the sign.

Two-Wheeled Vehicles
Motorcycles, mopeds and motor scooters may legally park anywhere cars and trucks park according to current City Code, and there are specially designated locations just for two-wheeled motorized vehicles that display a special permit.

Road Closings
For a list of road closing and traffic updates, please visit Paving the Way.