• Walker Evans: Columbus Underground

    By Melissa Fast 
    | 05 Feb, 2014

    In this city I can: Take Transit. Walk. Ride

    It’s not just transportation. I get stuff done on the bus. Email. Calls. Appointments.

    Sometimes I see someone outside I know, and I just hop off the bus for an impromptu meeting. Then I walk to my next meeting. On my way I might remember that I need to stop by someone’s shop who we’re going to feature in
    Columbus Underground. I grab a CoGo and head over to snap a few photos.

    I park the bike, and I see someone else who gives me some scoop for another CU story.

    This is my community. People and businesses here support what I do, and I support them. It’s all connected, and we’re on the verge of something really great. I want to be part of that.

    Downtown – built for people, not cars. It’s a smart way to do business.

  • Tanisha Robinson: Print Syndicate

    By Melissa Fast 
    | 05 Feb, 2014

    In this city I can: Collide/Tanisha Robinson: Print Syndicate
    In this city I can: Collide

    Downtown is dense. Walkable. Urban.

    I leverage talent and expertise downtown.

    I have unprecedented access to top thought leaders, right downtown, and half my workforce comes from CCAD. Other entrepreneurs are here, too.

    Being an entrepreneur is messy sometimes, but top U.S. business leaders are here, and they sit down and talk with me, work through problems. From there, I take a walking meeting to an awesome local restaurant, and on my way I collide with other business owners to make my next deal.

    Collision like this only happens downtown.

    Spontaneous. Open. Easy.

  • Join Transit Conversation

    By Cleve Ricksecker 
    | 11 Nov, 2013

    What happens when a city like Columbus builds a light rail line from the suburbs to downtown?  Do people ride it?   Does downtown benefit?

    Will Schroeer with the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce will answer that question on November 21 when he speaks at a joint annual meeting for Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs.   The meeting will take place on the stage of the Ohio Theatre at 4 p.m.  Right Now Downtown readers are invited.

    Landowners and investors in Columbus have long known about the relationship between highway interchanges and development (think Polaris interchange, Rt. 36 interchange in Delaware County, and Tuttle Crossing).   Because Columbus has no experience with rail transit, much less is known about its connection with transit-oriented development (think dense, walkable, mixed-use development).

    Minneapolis is a new city with no natural barriers to growth similar to Columbus, Austin, Salt Lake City, Denver, Sacramento, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and Charlotte.  Among these cities, Columbus is the only one that has not invested in rail transit.  Much can be learned from these other auto centric cities, and Will Schroeer will tell their story.

    click on the photo below to register for the event. We hope to see you there.

  • Branden Givand: Flying Gent

    By Melissa Fast 
    | 25 Sep, 2013

    Downtown's Got Character/Branden Givand: Flying Gent
    Impassioned. Dedicated. Engaged.

    This is Branden Givand, and it’s how he feels about downtown.

    Right now, you’ll find him testing the downtown market on Tuesdays and Fridays at his pop-up retail shop, Flying Gent, in the corner of Café Brioso. His product line flows with personality that ranges from casual to formal, while honing in on the classic and timeless with a little edge.

    And, the brand fits Branden and his customers.

    From Branden’s own account, he’s an average guy, one who likes to drink a good beer and cheer for OSU. He grew up in Mansfield, but loves urban life. He takes pride in the way he dresses and is always on the lookout for a nice blazer with a good pair of pants that are versatile enough for every day. He created a brand for guys just like him, simple yet complex.

    Previously, Branden’s Flying Gent popped up in other areas of the city, but Gay Street pulled.  “Business owners on the block are just down to earth. I love popping into stores like Sugardaddy’s, Robert Mason, Brioso, Zer0z, Tip Top and Due Amici,” said Branden. “I’ve developed friendships with so many of the business owners. It makes for the perfect community.”

    So, Branden found a home, tucked in the corner of Café Brioso, what he calls the most incredible coffee shop in the country.  Current hours are Tuesday and Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., but we bet Branden will be a permanent part of the downtown tribe very soon. Until then, he’s helping us spread the word that downtown is the place to be.

    “Downtown is what WE make it. The young people of Columbus can make any neighborhood exciting, vibrant, and new again. Downtown needs us. We can’t blame the businesses for not being open late enough, the property owner for not developing enough retail space, developers for not building lower priced condos, the city for spending so much time and money on beautification, the lack of night life or whatever excuses we want to make,” said Branden. “There are so many good things happening downtown. I challenge the young people of this city to really plan a day downtown and discover what is happening.”

    If you would like to read more from our conversation with Branden Givand, check this out.
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