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Your Guide to Sandwich Spots in Downtown Columbus

The tried and true meal. Whether it’s getting you through your workday or a gourmet weekend treat, Downtown Columbus has plenty of spots serving up all kinds of specialty sandwiches.


Cravings Cafe

114 N Front St

Breakfast and lunch with comforting sandwiches like the Cravings Club and grilled cheese & tomato soup.


Danny’s Delicious Deli

37 W Broad St #50

A breakfast and lunchtime favorite with a breakfast buffet and a large menu of lunch specials.



141 N High St

A fan-favorite sandwich joint conveniently located right on High St, with classic, no-nonsense sandwiches.


Goood Friends

171 N Fourth St

Full menu of gourmet, mega high-quality sandwiches with some of the finest ingredients in the Midwest.


Lexi’s on Third

100 E Broad St #150

Breakfast and lunch with a large menu, perfect for grab-and-go or a lunch meeting.



17 S High St #175

Chain offering hot and cold sandwiches.


Si Senor Peruvian Sandwiches

155 W Nationwide Blvd

Local shop with a delicious menu of specialty Peruvian sandwiches.


The Belmont Deli

330 W Spring St

Tucked into an office building, this small joint serves up breakfast and lunch, including sandwiches salads, burgers and wraps.


Wario’s Beef and Pork

111 W Nationwide Blvd

A literal hole-in-the-wall with a cult following, Wario’s serves larger-than-life sandwiches in the heart of the Arena District.

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