Downtown Concierge

Just how much does that car in the garage cost you each year? Even if you own an old beater, there’s insurance and maintenance, and gas adds up. None of this takes in to account the headache of driving in rush hour or the cost on the environment…

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Phenix Rises to the Occasion

Cafe Phenix has developed quite the following downtown. But, owners Gary McConnell and Brittney Barnhart wanted to offer even more. So, they opened Phenix Bistro down the street at 51 East Gay Street…

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Pearl Market: Downtown's Gem

Pearl Market

Like the beauty for which its named, Pearl Market is a real gem. And, lucky for us all, it returns on Friday, May 24 for another season. So, get ready for the very freshest of produce, the yummiest of treats and most fabulous of local goods…

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