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Buying local is not a fresh concept. Conscious customers have been indulging in local farm-fresh products for ages, but some shoppers are still reluctant to join the movement. What is the hesitation? After all, local farmers' markets offer prices comparable to those at supermarket chains.

Cost is only one factor. Instead, think about quality and taste. The food supplied by hardworking local farmers and merchants ensures freshness and cuts out the disastrous effects of shipping, which causes a huge loss of nutrients and taste. A half-ripe tomato grown in California and shipped across the country pales in comparison to one freshly picked from an Ohio farm.

Invest in our community. Buying local keeps the money right where it should be; in the city we love. Very little money spent in a supermarket chain gets invested into the community. Supporting the farmers in our area is a win-win situation for us all.

The experience of walking along Pearl Alley filled with vibrant people, produce and ambiance gives reason enough to shop local. Choose the feel-good option and get high quality, nutritious produce in the process.