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franklin-park-main-entranceLast week, Franklin Park Conservatory dedicated its new Main Visitor Entrance and Grand Atrium, a $2.5 million improvement to the facility designed to welcome guests to the Visitor Center and to offer additional space for events. This beautiful spot near the edges of downtown is a highlight of the city for visitors and residents alike.

The Main Visitor Entrance is comprised of a glass vestibule with a GreenScapes Live Wall, which features a vaulted ceiling and a plant wall. Currently, a variety of plants are growing on the wall, including neon pothos, silver satin pothos, Heartless philodendron and spider plants. What better way to welcome guests to the city’s premier horticultural center?

The Conservatory’s Grand Atrium also received significant updates, while additional square footage was added with an East Terrace, another beautiful location for outdoor events. Funds for the new Main Visitor Entrance and the Grand Atrium updates were donated by public and private entities.

“The new Main Entrance isn’t only beautiful,” said Bruce Harkey, Executive Director of Franklin Park Conservatory, but it is literally and figuratively the doors to a new era for our organization.”

The completion of this project put the wraps on the Conservatory’s last Master Plan of 25 years. Harkey and the Conservatory are excited to begin work on a new Master Plan that provides a blueprint for the next decade.

Fall is a beautiful time to visit Franklin Park Conservatory, so head over and check out their new entrance, the Origami in the Garden and Bonsai exhibits (which close November 13), or bring the kiddos along for Trick or Treat at the Conservatory from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 29.