Downtown Concierge

Walker Evans: Columbus Underground


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Downtown Columbus

In this city I can: Ride/Walker Evans: Columbus Underground
In this city I can: Take Transit. Walk. Ride

It’s not just transportation. I get stuff done on the bus. Email. Calls. Appointments.

Sometimes I see someone outside I know, and I just hop off the bus for an impromptu meeting. Then I walk to my next meeting. On my way I might remember that I need to stop by someone’s shop who we’re going to feature in
Columbus Underground. I grab a CoGo and head over to snap a few photos.

I park the bike, and I see someone else who gives me some scoop for another CU story.

This is my community. People and businesses here support what I do, and I support them. It’s all connected, and we’re on the verge of something really great. I want to be part of that.

Downtown – built for people, not cars. It’s a smart way to do business.