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This Week in Pearl Market


Pearl Market

Severe weather resulted in the market closing last Friday, but Fornoff and Henson Farms braved the storms to bring customers just-picked produce and fresh flowers.  Shoppers making a mad dash to the alley found tomatoes, corn and watermelon. Ohhhh, the Sugar Baby Watermelons from Henson's were incredible.
Hopefully, sunny skies will greet us in Pearl Market this week. Expect to see more and more produce options in the next few weeks as peak season arrives, and remember, the market is also a great place to stock up on baked goods and one-of-a-kind crafts.
Want some fresh ideas on what to do with all the fruits and veggies? Plan on coming to the market Friday when Lisa Abraham from Columbus Dispatch arrives. She'll show you how to make delicious and healthy meals using market produce, and she'll have tasty samples and recipes for you, too.
So, grab your Pearl Market shopping bag and head over to Lynn and Pearl Alleys this Tuesday and Friday. Here's who we expect to see this week in the market:
Blueberried Alive! (T & F) - Blueberries, of course!  And some juggling thrown in for fun.
Bluegreen Gardens (Fridays) - Beautiful bouquets of locally grown flowers.
Fornof Farms (T & F) - Produce, various plants and flowers, eggs.
Hensen Farms (T & F) - Corn, tomatoes.
Hinton Apiaries (T & F) - Varietal honey, also called single flower source honey, honey sticks, candles.  The whole ball of wax!
Nova Terra Farm (Fridays) - Produce, pies, cakes and challa bread.  Just look for the cool hearse.
Paige's Produce (T & F) - Peaches, peaches and peaches!
Shady Grove Farm (Tuesdays) - Produce, eggs, jams & jellies.
Tiger Mushroom Farm (T & F) - Various varieties of mushrooms.
Woolf Farm - Strawberries, peaches.
8 Sisters Bakery (T & F) - Donuts, cookies and other patries.
aerryel & perimon boutique (T & F) - Original hand-made jewelry and hand bags created from authentic African beads and fabrics.
Aunt Vickie's Pies (Fridays) - You guessed it: pies!
Camelot Cellars (T & F) - Wines made from juices from around the world.
Central Ohio Amish Sweet Corn (T & F) - Fresh sweet corn.
Christian Science Reading Room (T & F) - Assorted inspirational publications.
Cindy's Handmade Originals (Fridays) - Unique and original jewelry, natural-based skin products, knitted and other hand-crafted garments.
The Crazy Cucumber (Fridays) - Large variety of gourmet pickles.
Food for Good Thought (T & F) - Gluten-free baked goods and handicrafts created by people with autism.
Gleicher Treats (Fridays) - Homemade gourmet dog treats.
Home Sweet Home Pies (T & F) - Pies, mostly sweet potato.
Ingram Acres (Tuesdays) - Specialty granola made with locally-sourced ingredients.
Jenny Danko Illustration and Design (Fridays) - Original, local art and clothing.
The Jewelry Whisperer (T & F) - Jewelry and accessories.
Kiss and Makeup (T & F) - Makeup and skin products.
LuLaRoe Amanda Aledia - LuLaRoe fashion garments.
Mary's Catering (T & F) - Homemade pies and baked goods.
MBQ Sauce (Fridays) - Homemade, small-batch BBQ sauce.
Mer-Llama Soaps and Sundries (T & F) - Luxurious homemade soaps and bath treats for all ages to enjoy!
Midway Concessions (T & F) - The best darn kettle corn and lemon shakeups around.
Noeldoubt Designs (Fridays) - Laser-cut maps, coasters, magnets, growler towers, and more.
Pälish (Tuesdays) - Handmade face oils, sugar scrubs and other skin products.
Seraglio (T & F) - Fair-trade, hand-crafted clothing, accessories and jewelry.
Shop Afrikka (Fridays) - Accessories, clothing and home goods lovingly made in Africa.
Shy Stones (T & F) - Handmade wearable art.
Sistren Afire (Fridays) - West African handcrafted art, accessories and textiles.
Smidgen (Fridays) - Artisan-made macarons, petit fours, cakes and other baked goods.
Soodles Bake Shop (Fridays) - Gluten-free and allergy-friendly breads, pizza crust, cakes, and donuts, cookies, treats
Stand by Faith (Fridays) - Baked goods and crafts.
The Sweater Lady (T & F) - Clothing and accessories knitted, crocheted and sewn by hand.
Sweet Cheese (Fridays) - A variety of homemade, flavored cheesecakes.
Terra Opus (T & F) - Handmade stone and silver jewelry.
TUFA doodles (T & F) - Handcrafted hypertufa pottery with houseplants, annuals, or seasonal plants.
Two Roasting Joes (T & F) - Hot and iced coffee treats.
Yvonne's Cookies (T & F) - Delicious and artfully-designed cookies of all kinds.