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Spin Art ResozeMusicians usually make their artistic magic on a stage. But an exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art highlights the art of vinyl record covers, a creative convergence of artistic forms. Spin Art runs through August 21, showcasing album covers by a wide range of musicians, from Pink Floyd to Funkadelic and artists like Andy Warhol and Winston Smith.

Downtown record store, Spoonful Records (116 E. Long Street), partnered with CMA to make this exhibit a reality, helping to acquire record covers. The covers demonstrate the creativity that can be inspired by the crossover between music and the visual arts. The chosen covers also interpret the visual identity of a musician, a record label or a musical genre, while some are representative of close collaboration between the graphic designer and the musician.

CMA wants you to be part of the art and post a photo of an album you would include in an exhibition like this to Instagram, Twitter or other social media using the hashtag #spinartcma. Your photo will become part of the Spin Art digital gallery.