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A beautiful week of warm weather and sunshine brought office workers and shoppers out in droves. With the nicer temperatures here to stay, it's the perfect time to stop by Pearl Market and indulge in the wonderful produce, food items and unique merchandise. Vendors are more than happy to suggest some of their best selling items, so ask away! 

This week, incorporate asparagus into your dinner plans. Steam this delicious vegetable for a clean feeling or sauté with some light olive oil for a crunchier side dish. This seasonal vegetable is the perfect complement for chicken, fish or some seafood. Don't be afraid to break the grill out this week.

Congratulations are in order for Folck's Family Farm who sold every single item they brought to Pearl Market on Friday. Clearly we are all in for quite a treat as the season really gears up. Thanks to you, they cleared out all the strawberries, jam and honey. So make sure you come early (and stay late) to get everything you need.

The bitter cold this winter brought a slow spring growing season, but you'll find more and more every market day. The upcoming months offer even more fresh produce and fruit. With more products to sell, keep an eye out for even more vendors at Pearl Market.

While you browse (and buy) the fresh produce, don't forget to stop by the other merchant tables in the Market. Whether you need a handcrafted t-shirt, spicy salsa, handmade soap or a piece of bling, our vendors promise something for everyone.

Every week expect a little something new and refreshing. Read on to discover a seasonal recipe using produce at the height of its growing season.