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black bean soupWe know we should be grateful for a mild winter, but we hoped to call it over before it really began. Since cold temps seem to surprise us here and there, we thought you might like to have a grab-and-go list of places that offer incredible soup options. We assembled a list of 10 to get you started, and you’ll want to read on through to find out how you can win lunch at Si Senor.

  1. You can’t make a bad choice at Si Senor. Try anything and everything. Guillermo makes all his soups from scratch, and each one we try becomes our new favorite.

  2. One of our faves at Café Brioso is the curry coconut lentil. Make sure to get a piece of the hearty wheat bread to go with it. You’re gonna want to sop up every last drop.

  3. While we love the Reuben at Lexi’s on Third, we’re tryin’ hard to focus on soup so you gotta order the Chicken Noodle Matzo Ball

  4. Hills’ Market Downtown offers a smorgasbord of options, and you can pick up a few groceries while you’re there.

  5. Can’t make up your mind what kind of soup sounds good? Head over to Zoup! Soup headlines the lunch offerings, so you’ll get lots of choices.

  6. Have you tried Lomonico’s yet? The chef offers a new soup everyday, and you can’t miss, especially if you couple it with some blackened salmon on a bed of greens.

  7. Okay, we admit, we haven’t tried the soup at Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails, but that’s only because we can’t manage to order anything but the pot roast sandwich or the mac and cheese, which are both amazing by the way. We’re sure the soup is also fab.

  8.  Not only is the Columbus Athenaeum an awesome event venue, but during lunch, they open up the Pine Room, and Chef Lynn puts on an incredible lunch spread. The hearty soups provide all you need for lunch, but why not grab dessert, too?

  9. We provided a lot of vegan options in this list, but you can’t forget Plantain Café. The black bean soup is rich and creamy with a hint of cilantro.

  10.  And, if you want to find a reason to knock off work early, head to The Elevator for a late lunch and the beef barley soup. Happy hour begins at 3 p.m. so you might as well get a pint while you’re there. The Procrastinator Doppelbock rounds out the barley soup just fine. Beer and soup will keep you toasty warm.

Post a note on our Facebook Page about what you’re looking forward to Downtown when the weather breaks, and you’ll be entered to win lunch at Si Senor.