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gypsy mothThe Ohio Department of Agriculture is gearing up for its annual Slow-the-Spread gypsy moth treatment program, which will effect a number of areas of Columbus, including several blocks in downtown. The program is designed to help protect Ohio’s diverse habitat by managing the gypsy moth population. Treatments are planned for either June 21 or 22, weather permitting, so do not be alarmed if you see low-flying aircraft in the area.

The aerial treatments are designed to disrupt the mating of the moths, not to kill them. The aircraft will administer the treatment just above the tree tops and buildings throughout the day. The treatment, called Disrupt II, confuses the male moths as they search for female mates, but is not harmful to birds, plants, pets or humans.

The gypsy moth is a non-native and invasive species that feeds on the leaves of more than 300 varieties of trees. The defoliation they cause generally causes permanent damage or kills the trees within two years. For more information, including videos and maps, you can click here.