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Roosevelt Coffeehouse: Love, Justice, Coffee

Roosevelt CoffeehouseRoosevelt Coffeehouse serves up a great cup of Joe, but the mission extends beyond the beans. This non-profit coffeehouse supports places that fight hunger, unclean water and human trafficking. It’s in the business of great coffee and saving lives. And lucky for you, it's an easy walk in the Discovery District at 300 E. Long Street.

“Coffee and justice were at the core from day one. Love became a natural byproduct of our efforts. If you don't feel loved in our space, we are failing you,” says Roosevelt Coffeehouse owner Kenny Sipes.

While Kenny didn’t first know downtown was a must, he can’t imagine a more perfect spot for Roosevelt Coffeehouse. And the best part of Downtown? Diversity. “It is a beautiful, diverse, dynamic place,” says Kenny.

Roosevelt Coffeehouse Roasters

  • One Line Coffee
  • Stumptown Coffee

Roosevelt serves up a the variety of coffee drinks that we’ve all come to love and expect. Also, it offers up a kick-you-in-the-pants cold brew that promises to make the most boring meeting fun.

It’s all good—the coffee and saving lives. You know what else is great at Roosevelt? Donuts. We can’t minimize this social enterprise, but you also gotta know about the donuts. Oh yeah, Destination Donuts rounds out the perfect outing. Yep, you can get donut holes or the big Kahuna. Whether, you're looking for a little treat or a big one, you can't go wrong. Need a guilt-free breakfast? Get that, too. But seriously, go for the donuts and the coffee.

For those not into coffee or donuts (Is there such a thing?), you can also grab a really good cup of tea. Steaming hot, ice cold, caffeine-free or an afternoon jolt…tea drinkers will also find their happy place at Roosevelt Coffeehouse.

Lastly, want to learn a little more about the impact Roosevelt Coffeehouse made in 2016? Check out their annual report. Hey, it might give you a little nudge for how you can help, too. It's the perfect time to make a donation, and you still have time to squeeze it in on 2017 taxes.