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We all know Cbus brims with creatives... So, we thought you (or one of your peeps) might want some scoop on a contest. You just might have the opportunity to see one of your designs roll by you on the corner of Broad and High, Third and Gay or in the Arena District... all on the same day.

CoGo Bike Share announced a Columbus Bike Art Contest to celebrate their upcoming birthday, and the winner is gonna walk (or ride) away with a cool prize package. But you gotta hurry because the contest only runs a month.

What makes ColumbUS special, and what moves you into action?

Put your inspiration into a bike-wrap design, and you might see your artwork rolling all around this fine city. Stand on stage with Mayor Michael B. Coleman, aka Bikin' Mike, as the winner is announced. The specialty designed bike will then be launched into the CoGo system, where it will remain until the beginning of September. Not only will you be able to see the bike out and about, but it will be part of summer-long promotional events across social media. Heck, you might even go viral.

Now, before you go hog wild, you may want to check out the CoGo website and blog. Full contest details can be downloaded there. Just so you know... only one submission per person, and the design must be the artist's original work. The deadline is April 30, and if you have any questions after you check out the website, you can contact