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zeroz with paulIs your wallet reaching George Costanza levels of heftiness? Will one more receipt or slip of paper cause an explosion? zer0z, purveyor of beautiful, hand-crafted, skinny wallets, is ready to hold an intervention with their Wallet Intervention contest.

Join zer0z on Instagram and submit your photos of the craziest, biggest, oldest, barely holding together-est, duct tape-covered wallet on the edge, including a description and plea for help. Be sure to tag @zerOzwallet and use the hashtag #walletintervention. Whether it’s your wallet or that of a friend or family member, zer0z wants to help.

The contest runs through April 30 at 11:59 p.m. zer0z will choose the most compelling or crazy wallet story to win a zer0z wallet intervention. You can read more details and rules here. And if you want to check out the beautiful wallets zer0z offers, stop by the shop at 17 E. Gay Street and visit with owner/designer Paul Westrick whose enthusiasm is utterly contagious. Or visit their website here.