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Local Liberation, formerly Homohio, began as a single shirt design and a fundraiser to raise money for a personal cause. Today, the company offers more than 20 different hand-printed tees and onesies featuring an Ohio or equality based theme.

In 2012, Valerie Mailman took a backpack full of t-shirts to the Short North of Columbus. Then something crazy happened-the shirts were a hit. The gay-themed prints on that first batch put a positive image on gay equality and gave individuals a way to wear their support.

"We rebranded but still use Homohio for all our gay designs. We wanted to be more inclusive," said Mailman. Their message of pride, equality and love is seen in popular designs that include the Ohio boom box and the original Homohio print.

Local Liberation's tees stand for something. They stand for local pride, a stance near and dear to the hearts of Columbus residents. As a gay owned and operated business, they hope their shirts will help to change the world, even a little.

All t-shirts are hand-printed with handmade screens which means no two shirts are exactly the same. In support of the "shop local" movement, the company only buys supplies locally and from small businesses.

Local Liberation's hand-printed t-shirts are available in both adult and kid sizes. This unique and empowering apparel is found in 
Pearl Market every Tuesday and Friday.