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Safety DM 0516The relatively low crime rate in downtown is not an accident. Hard work by Columbus Division of Police, in partnership with Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts and private security throughout the area, is essential to maintaining safety. Central to the SIDs’ mission of making Downtown Columbus the cleanest and safest neighborhood in central Ohio are safety initiatives, including the Security Managers Information Network (SMINO), a public/private partnership, which was recognized by the National Homeland Security Association as a national model.

The SID’s relationship with the Columbus Division of Police is crucial to the success of this partnership. Officer Samuel Peck has been the 16th Precinct Liaison Officer with SIDs since October 2015. In this role, Peck smooths communication between downtown residents, business owners and employees with the City of Columbus. He also coordinates enforcement efforts through Columbus Division of Police’s front line patrol, the Detective Bureau and Code Enforcement to help improve the community and create a safer downtown neighborhood.

Peck and Lisa Defendiefer, Deputy Director of Operations & Advocacy for Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs, review crime statistics for the area weekly to determine trends and “hot spots." They then work with private security and public safety officials to develop strategies to address any problems. .

The good news, according to Officer Peck: “Downtown is consistently one of the safest neighborhoods in the city of Columbus.”

That said, safety statistics show that in 16th Precinct, which is comprised of Downtown, Franklinton and a portion of the Short North, theft from cars is the number one crime. For residents, visitors and employees, this highlights the importance of good safety habits, such as removing valuables from one’s car, locking car doors at all times, and parking in a well-lit area.