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Plantings Beautify Nationwide Boulevard


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Nationwide Flowers for DM 0415In the September edition of Downtown Matters, we reported on the Nationwide Boulevard improvements, which were part of the 2008 Downtown Columbus Public Realm Enhancement document. The work, completed in late fall, included wider medians (with space for landscaping), new concrete curb tree-lawns, new street lighting to match City of Columbus standards, narrowed traffic lanes, new under-lighting of the Third Street Bridge, new concrete and clay brick sidewalk paving, and clay brick crosswalks.

Funding for this project came from both the City of Columbus’ Capital Improvements budget and a special assessment on adjacent property owners over a 10-year period. As part of an agreement with the City of Columbus, Capital Crossroads SID agreed to maintain the improvements.

Capital Crossroads will invest close to $50,000 in landscaping along Nationwide Boulevard in 2015. Capital Crossroads has contracted with Oakland Nursery to plant flowers this the spring, summer and fall. Once planted, the SID will maintain the flowers. The bulk of the eye-catching plantings will be clustered at Nationwide and High and Nationwide and Fourth.