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Cherry Street PlacemakesAs a culture, we love multi-taskers. We know people who are great at it. We buy tools that do it. Now our city’s public spaces are getting in on the action. Placemakes seeks to reimagine these spaces as unique destinations, allowing parking spaces and streets to multi-task as gathering places for the community to meet, walk, bike and gather.

Placemakes (formerly known as “Columbus Parklet Project”) has expanded their efforts this year. In addition to parklets, where single parking spaces are transformed into gathering places, Placemakes is now reimagining low-traffic city streets. That’s right; streets aren’t just for driving anymore. This summer, bi-peds replace four wheels on West Cherry Street (between Front Street and High Street), where the festively painted street features greenery, seating and design elements by local artists.

Are you intrigued? Plan to head downtown for the cleverly named Cherry Sundays on July 10 and July 24 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Meet some friends, relax, experience a new environment, shop the interactive marketplace, and ride the tandem bike. You’ll find food, local vendors, workshops, a Little Library and more. And keep an eye out for future Placemakes projects and celebrate the creativity in our city.