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12 Nazi Concentration Camps Exhibit at Angela Meleca Gallery

Exhibit 12 Nazi Concentration Camps Angela Meleca Gallery

The current exhibit at Angela Meleca Gallery12 Nazi Concentration Camps, features the work of James Friedman, a Columbus native and Ohio State University graduate. Plan to visit the gallery before the show closes on October 28. Recent events in Charlottesville make the exhibit timely and even more impactful.

12 Nazi Concentration Camps at Angela Meleca Gallery

The exhibit includes 30 vintage dye transfer photographs and two contemporary digital prints. Friedman photographed the images using an 8" x 10" field camera. He visited the sites of 12 Nazi concentration camps during 1981 and 1983. At the time, Friedman witnessed increased anti-Semitic rhetoric which inspired him to explore this part of history.

Most recognize historical photographs of Nazi concentration camps taken during the war and others after the liberation of the camps. Friedman's work, however, contrasts with those black and white images. For example, they show bold color and contemporary subjects (contemporary as of the early 1980s).  The photographs' subjects include Holocaust survivors, tourists, locals and even the artist himself.

Many acknowledge the power of Friedman's work. This includes Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor, who said, "I saw Jim Friedman's photographs and was deeply moved."

The Angela Meleca Gallery expresses a commitment to exhibiting "important, thought-provoking and innovative contemporary art." Located at 144 East Main Street, the gallery opens its doors Tuesday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. or by appointment.

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