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Pearl Alley: Great Eats Worldwide


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Pearl AlleyA taste of fall arrived last week. Before snow blows, plan a trip around the world with good eats. The best part? No airfare. Dash out for carryout or linger over lunch to help forget the weather shifts.  If you’ve worked downtown long, you know Pearl Alley hosts great eats from around the world. But did you know they’re open during the Rhodes State Office Tower work? We’ve got some seasonal updates and a free lunch for one downtowner.

You’ve got seven days and seven restaurants all within steps of each other—right next to Capitol Square. So, it doesn’t matter whether temps drop and stay that way. These places serve up grub that warms the soul and the belly. Take a world tour and let us know your fave.

International Gems: Pearl Alley Eats

  • Starting with good ole ‘Merica, fight your way over to Ringside Café. Hang onto one of the heavyweights like the Ali or the Brown Bomber burger. But don’t worry. They keep lightweights happy with meal-sized salads.
  • Stop the fight and jump the continent to Arepazo. They’re so popular, they branched out to two other Cbus neighborhoods. But it all started in Pearl Alley. Choices abound, but we can’t get past the Tostados.
  • Also, in South America, and technically in Lynn alley, Si Señor dishes up Peruvian fare. Need an escape from cold temps? Go for the soup and empanada. Tip of the day. Go with a friend. Both order a different sandwich and swap halves. Promise you. You’ll have a hard time choosing your favorite.
  • So, OH Pizza & Brew won’t open for a bit. But, it gives you something to look forward to when temps get really cold. They’re not newbies--just coming from another part of downtown. Apps, wings, pies and beer. Sounds like a happy hour waiting to happen.
    Four down, three to go: 
  • From the same part of the world, take a traditional approach to pizza, pasta and sandwiches at Café Napolitana. Do you and your buddy love totally different toppings on your pizza? Head over for lunch and get pizza by the slice. But don’t forget them at dinner time and drinks. If you try the Fettuccine and Palmo’s homemade garlic knots, you might never eat at home again.
  • On the other end of Pearl Alley, and the world, find Tiger + Lily. This Asian-inspired place offers slurp-worthy ramen (and so much more). And, the dessert looks great. Confession: we’ve never saved room for it. So, do us a favor, and let us know what you like.
  • Almost done with this world tour of food and drink, and you haven’t had to leave Pearl Alley. Still need comfort as the weather cools down? Pub Mahone can help, and you can drown your sorrows, too. Check out the bangers & mash, fish & chips or Father Jack’s Hash. Need more than beef stew to forget your winter woes? That’s where Guinness comes in. But don’t worry they have plenty of styles on tap.

Leave us a comment on our Facebook page about your favorite meal or drink in Pearl Alley. Someone will get lunch (or drinks) on us. Want to do more than just great eats? Check out the trip guides for downtown.