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Spring break is around the corner, and summer travel beckons beyond that. If you have some overseas (or just over the border - north or south) planned, you will need a United States Passport in hand. We know, the thought of getting such government documentation can be daunting. From the DMV to the post office, we the people tend to do our best to avoid what can be a bureaucratic nightmare.

That’s why we were super excited to learn that the Franklin County Clerk of Courts now offers a “One Stop Passport Shop.” In the past, getting a passport required a stop for passport-size photos followed by an appointment at the post office or other government office to process the paperwork. Now, you can show up, no appointment required, on any non-holiday weekday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the Clerk’s General Division and get things taken care of all at once.

The General Division is located on the first floor of the new Franklin County Courthouse at 345 S. High Street. They will take and process the required photo, then review, accept and forward the completed passport application to the Department of State. All of this can be completed in under 20 minutes, which gives you more time to do the fun stuff that goes into planning your vacation.

For more information and to access the US Department of State passport application and requirements, you can visit the Clerk of Courts website, scroll down and click on the Online Resources block, then click on the Passport photo. Easy does it.