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Keith Severs resizeIn early April, Capital Crossroads and Discovery SIDs added a second outreach position due to the success of Bill Cobun and, unfortunately, the need on the streets (you can read about Cobun’s efforts here). Keith Severs was promoted to Outreach Specialist from his position as a first shift team captain, joining Cobun in this vital role.

Severs has worked with Capital Crossroads for more than a year. He advanced through the ambassador ranks at a quick pace thanks to his dedication and natural leadership skills. He became interested in the outreach position because he had been interacting regularly with the homeless in his previous role, often putting them in touch with Cobun.

“As an ambassador, I had daily interactions with the homeless downtown, helping them to get housing, meals or in touch with Bill (Cobun),” explained Severs. “My days would start with a health and well-being check of downtown to make sure the homeless population was safe, especially in cold weather. When I learned about the new outreach position, I knew it was what I wanted to do.”

Severs is a veteran of several tours in Kuwait and Afghanistan. He served as a medic in the armed forces and as an EMT upon his return to the States. This background further prepared him for the new role he is undertaking.

“Other than my deployments, I am a lifelong resident of Columbus, and I was taught that service to your community is important, whether military service or in other ways.”

Severs values the holistic approach to outreach, emphasizing the importance of making the homeless understand that they are part of our community and that they are not nameless. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve his community in this new way.

“We are excited for Keith to join Bill in fulfilling this vital role downtown,” said Lisa Defendiefer, Deputy Director of Operations & Advocacy. “It was exciting to see a number of current and former ambassadors apply for the position; it speaks to the compassion with which they approach their role in the safety sector. Keith has demonstrated a willingness to learn, lead and grow through each role he has taken on.”