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Downtown Help: New Year’s Budget Diet

New Year’s Budget Diet take a free stroll through Topiary ParkBecause we know 2018 is filled with resolutions, we came up with a New Year’s Budget Diet. But don't worry. Everything is free. So, it will be a stroll through park.  Yep, keep yourself entertained and pad your wallet at the same time. And, we’ll even give you a chance to win lunch on Cafe Napolitana.

Like we said, a budget diet doesn’t mean denial. Well, not if you like hanging out Downtown. Like art, crafts or books? You’re in luck. Take a look at the list below (and try one out). 

New Year’s Budget Diet:

  1. Sunday at Columbus Museum of Art. Walk in and see it all. “Beyond Impressionism” ends on January 21. Did you know Columbus is the only U.S. stop for this international show?  When you go, show PNC and Arts Alive some love on your social media posts. They’re the ones picking up your tab on Sundays.
  2. Replenish Spa offers yoga and meditation on Thursdays at CMA. So, how much? Glad you asked. Both are donation based, and you don’t need to register before you go. Take a child’s pose and a downward dog from 6-7 p.m. If you still need a little more om, meditation goes from 7-7:30 p.m.
  3. Stretch your mind and budget with the Author Talks at Columbus Metropolitan Library. The 2018 lineup includes some big names.  The library offers more than books, too. Save the date for one of their fun, family friendly events, and learn something, while you’re at it.
  4. Want a little Conversations and Coffee? Join Cultural Arts Center for this free weekly program. Artists and art lovers come together for a cozy chat. CAC brings the coffee, and you can bring a lunch. 
  5. Want to be more creative in 2018? Join OSU Urban Arts space for Crafternoons! Create cool and crafty pieces out of everyday items. They’ll have all kinds of supplies, and you can bring more if you want. 

2018 will be great, and a New Year’s Budget Diet doesn’t mean doing without. So, click on through to our Facebook page, and tell us what you like to do on the cheap Downtown. Lastly, you’ll be entered to win a gift certificate to Café Napolitana. (And by the way, they have great happy hour specials.)