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"We're cleaning up the world one bar of soap at a time," said Anthony Phillips, a first time vendor at Pearl Market. Phillips is the selling representative for Elder Forest Soap, a company operated in Circleville, Ohio by his family, which molds and crafts all-natural soaps and assorted products.

Body butter, pain balms, salves and even an ageless face and body cream, have been added to the company's repertoire since its inception in 2001. Elder Forest Soap all began with Phillips' mother toying around in the garage, and made her first batch of soap on the trunk of a car.

From its origin, the Phillips family has relied on natural ingredients such as herbs, varieties of clay and natural oxides for coloring and scent. The passion and care behind these soaps stems from the family's appreciation for the earth, plants and the medicinal properties some plants possess.

Certain types of soap and the pain balm stand out as customer favorites. Phillips said, "People really enjoy the mint soap, it's like seven cups of coffee in the morning! Everyone in the house is going to know you have been in the shower. It's powerful stuff."

These refreshing specialty soaps are available every Tuesday and Friday at Pearl Market. Next time consider lathering up in something all natural.