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Jewelweed 0416Mother’s Day comes early this year, May 8. Have you already planned the perfect gift for your mom, daughter or special friend? What about something custom designed, filled with hand-touched beauty? Floral artist Sarah Anne Dixon creates botanically inspired florals that every mother will love, and her studio will open in time for Mother’s Day.

When you see Jewelweed Floral Studio designs, you might just think you’ve been gently placed in the middle of a sunny wildflower meadow or in a hidden fairy garden. That’s no coincidence. Sarah takes inspiration from expansive landscapes, flourishing gardens and mystical woodlands, and she embraces nostalgia and the elegance of simplicity in her creations.

Jewelweed Floral Studio will offer full-service floral and plant designs for all occasions, including  for special events and sympathy florals. All orders are custom created with seasonal and local availability in mind. In addition, Jewelweed Floral Studio offers a curated selection of vessels for flowers and plants alike, and a collection of ceramics, candles, textiles and artworks.

Sarah is taking custom orders now—in time for Mother’s Day—and soon she will have a downtown studio where you will be able to see it all.

Sarah looks forward to opening the floral studio on Long Street, right downtown. “I loved the building. It really spoke to me,” Sarah said. “And I love my neighbors. Downtown has its own diversity built in because everyone wants to be down here. So much happens here.”

Sounds like you have lots of choices for Mother’s Day, and Sarah is super excited to meet you. What are you waiting on? Give her a call, and while you’re at it, welcome her to the neighborhood.