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Mother Nature's Tricks


Pearl Market


Downtown Columbus

The tents were up. Vendors were set. Merchandise and produce lined the tables. Pearl Market was prepared for an influx of customers and an incredible shopping week, but Mother Nature had other plans.

The rain clouds appeared and refused to leave for the majority of Tuesday. The pesky weather didn't stop customers from meandering along Pearl and Lynn Alleys, but it put a slight damper on the day. Both vendors and customers looked toward Friday after a gloomier than expected day.

Although Friday had a chilly surprise in store for Market goers, people continued to explore and search for the finest produce and products.

Mid-June brings fresh zucchini at the peak of its growing season. Throw this hearty vegetable into your dinner plans and experience the multitude of ways it can be used. A vegetarian take on a classic Italian dish is below.

A wonderful week of sunshine promises a brighter experience at Pearl Market. Those grey clouds are long gone and it's time to run over to the Market for a quick lunch or shopping trip.