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passage-hawk-galleriesHawk Galleries, one of the nation’s preeminent galleries for glass art, is one of two US locations presenting One Million Dollar Boat, the largest, and most expensive, sculpture created at the Swedish Kosta Boda factory. In celebration of the factory’s 275th anniversary next year, artist Bertil Vallien was commissioned to create this mysterious masterpiece, Passage, and given the freedom to express himself in brilliant ways. The epic piece of art is actually valued at $1 million.

As is fitting of a piece designed to honor an anniversary, the sculpture is about history and the future. The boat is on a voyage, with no known destination, and throughout the piece there are metaphors for the journey of life. It is beautiful and mysterious and well worth a visit to the Columbus gem that is Hawk Galleries.

“Passage embodies an extraordinary artistic partnership between Bertil Vallien, one of the world's leading artists, and Kosta Boda, Sweden's most storied glassworks. Hawk Galleries feels privileged to unveil the crown jewel of these two titans' 53-year collaboration at one of America's leading art fairs, SOFA CHICAGO 2016."

The piece will first be shown on American shores in Chicago at SOFA CHICAGO this week (November 3 - 6) before coming to Columbus for an extended exhibition at Hawk Galleries (November 12 - December 31). The opening reception will be held November 12 from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.