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Pearl Market


Downtown Columbus

This week Pearl Market hit its stride. A gorgeous Friday paired with an influx of customers brought that bustling marketplace feeling to Pearl and Lynn alleys. Pearl Market makes the perfect place to take a lunchtime stroll, and the sense of community among shoppers, vendors and market staff ensures a good time for everyone.

In the coming weeks, expect to see new vendors and an even larger array of merchandise and produce. Shop early for produce since many farmers sell out by the end of the Market day. Keep an eye out for the sweet corn, tomatoes and beans, on their way to Pearl Market. Who can deny delicious summer corn on the cob?

New food vendors provide a delicious indulgence -wraps, salads, tacos, French fries and various hot sandwiches. The food trucks and carts offer many satisfying options and give the hurried shopper a quick bite.

Don't Forget:

The Market will be open as usual on Tuesday, July 2 but will be closed on Friday, July 4. So, get your holiday shopping done on Tuesday.