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Just how much does that car in the garage cost you each year? Even if you own an old beater, there’s insurance and maintenance, and gas adds up. None of this takes in to account the headache of driving in rush hour or the cost on the environment. But giving up a car? Man, that can be scary. What about just testing the waters (okay, roads and sidewalks) for just a few days by using other forms of transportation? And what if we told you, it’s a game and you get the chance to win prizes? We’ll even tell you where to sign up.

From June 3-9, Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC), Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), Smart Columbus, CoGo Bike Share, Lyft and Enterprise are partnering to bring you the Central Ohio Commuter Challenge, a competition for individuals and teams to try out different modes of transportation. 

All you need to do is log onto the website (after you create an account of course), and record your trip and how you got there. Boom! You’re entered to win. The commuter challenge also has all kinds of cool info about the cost savings each kind of transportation offers. While on the site, find out how many calories you burned and CO2 emissions you reduced on your healthy commute.

Sound fun? We bet you even know some people who want to get in on the game with you. If you know a whole posse who want to join you, all of you can also sign up as a team for the competition.

There are so many prizes we couldn’t keep track of all the cool stuff, but you can get the lowdown on the website

What are you waiting on? Get moving.