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Library Renovation Cover Pic ResizeColumbus Metropolitan Library’s flagship will open this summer, and we got an insider’s look at the construction progress of the Downtown Library. Before we share our pics, mark your calendars now for the community celebration: Saturday, June 25, 2016. Yep, we know it’s a ways off, but you’ll want to make sure your dance card is open.

CML set off on an aspirational building program to renovate or rebuild 10 library locations within the next few years. It’s big and bold, and you’re gonna love it. The Main Library renovations will meet the needs of CML’s customers; connect the library to Topiary Park; update the front plaza on Grant Avenue; add a reading room/civic event space, and enhance the children’s area.

When we donned our hard hats and entered the work zone, the natural light made an immediate impression. Even as a work in progress, the openness of the space drew us in. When you walk through those grand Carnegie Library doors next summer, you will maintain a clear vision through the library to Topiary Park, and the sight will be breathtaking.
CML understands that great libraries create stronger communities, and the Downtown Library reflects the unique needs of the 21st Century community. The new space and programming will be flexible, innovative and inviting. Whether you desire a hard copy or digital e-book of the latest best seller, expertise from the homework help center, research guidance for genealogy, or a place to hold your next community gathering, the library meets you where you are and helps take you where you want to be.

In addition to being a vital community asset, Columbus Metropolitan Library strives to minimize its environmental footprint. CML recycled and repurposed so much of the grand building materials of the original Downtown Library, and with all of the new building or renovation projects, CML plans to use sustainable building materials, incorporate glass for natural light to reduce energy costs and introduce other design and building elements friendly to the natural environment. Woot, woot!

Okay, we promised you a little bit of an insider’s view of the ongoing renovation. Take a look at the work in progress and imagine how cool it’s going to be.

Library Renovation 1

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