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Freshbox Caprese resizeAre you the lunch guru of your office? If there’s a lunch event in the offing or just a group wanting to eat together, are you the one in charge? If so, we know how you can be popular with your lunch crowd while improving the community as a whole.

Freshbox Catering offers delicious boxed lunches with a side of societal improvement. By offering meaningful employment to residents of Faith Mission Homeless Shelters, Freshbox is impacting the lives of those affected by poverty in a very real way. This job offers work, life and professional skill training, so the people who work there are part of something much more than just making your lunch.

Freshbox would not get far with their mission if the food wasn’t fresh and delicious. A quick gander at the menu, and you will have a tough time narrowing down your decision. Asiago roast beef sandwich with cheddar, arugula, tomato and onion on an asiago bagel with horseradish aioli? Yes, please! Or Spring Turkey salad with mixed greens, provolone, tomato, dried sweet cranberries, cucumber and a cranberry citrus dressing? Oh, I’ll have that instead. Or both. Can I have both? No matter what you order, it comes with one of their signature chocolate covered Oreos. You might just have to eat dessert first.

If the menu rings your chimes and you don’t have a lunch meeting on the calendar, consider Freshbox Friday. Individual employees in an office place online orders on a designated day of the month; doing good with the multiplier effect. Or have Freshbox cater your next big event. You’ll be part of something much more than just a meal. As their tagline says, “Sandwiches with substance - feed your appetite - nourish you community.”