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lominicos-imageSeasons change, and so do the menu options at a lot of downtown restaurants. We sat down with Executive Chef Christine Remley of Lomonico’s, and she gave us a little scoop about how she found food (or maybe it found her). She also dished about the downtown food scene. Take a look at what she says, and take a chance to win $25 gift certificate from Lomonico’s YUMMO!

Tell us a little bit about you? Why did you become a Chef? What is your background?
It seemed very natural to become a Chef. My Grandparents were farmers. Food, cooking and the dinner table were central in my life while growing up. As a child, September was the most amazing month. My Grandmother, Mother and Aunts all in the kitchen, canning the food we grew. Now I look back and realize that my entire life has been devoted to food and feeding people.

What do you like about the downtown food scene?
It has come full circle. When I first started in this business, if you wanted to work or eat in a great restaurant, you had to go downtown. Then, several years later, the suburbs started to develop, Easton and Polaris malls were built. This development brought on hordes of corporate restaurants and with that, the downtown restaurant scene seemed to be dying off. In the last decade or so, we have seen a resurrection of sorts. There is a tremendous amount of development happening. There are so many great restaurants downtown again!

Why do you like to be downtown?
I enjoy the diversity of the area. I also enjoy the smaller, boutique style merchants and restaurants. Our downtown area has a great energy!

What should people know about Lomonico’s?
We pride ourselves on our hand-crafted, regional American food. Our menus are comprised of a variety of regional favorites such as fried chicken and crab cakes as well as hand-stretched pizzas that are cooked in a true, wood-fired oven. We feature what we call “Lomos Food Revolution.” That is to say that we offer Amazing scratch-made food, hand-made cocktails and fantastic wines all at fair prices!

How do you develop a menu?
We look at several things: What’s in season, how menus are trending across the country, as well as our own menu history.

Tell us a little bit about the new menu and why do you like to change it up?
We’ve brought back some old favorites and added several new items. We do two menu changes a year, in the spring and in the fall. We do this to ensure that we are staying true to seasonality. We also do this so that our guests have new and exciting things to choose from.

What is your favorite thing to eat/make?
My favorite thing to eat is anything that someone else prepares for me! After spending a great number of hours in the restaurant, it’s always a pleasure to have someone else cook for you at the end of your week.

We hear you, Chef Remley.

Whatcha waiting on? Lomonico’s operates two locations, and their downtown location is at 340 East Gay Street (just around the corner from Hills Market). They’re open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Rumor is they have a pretty good Happy Hour, too.

Head on over to our Facebook and tell us about your Favorite Lomonico’s experience. Haven’t been there yet? Shame on you. Okay, you can also tell us what you like about the downtown food scene. One person will be selected to win a $25 gift card, complements of Lomonico’s.