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The spring-like temperatures may have made you long for summer, a time when fun activities, like kickball, outdoor fitness classes or softball teams, abound. Did you know that there is similar fun to be had when the days are short and the temperatures south of optimal? Both PINS Mechanical and the Downtown YMCA offer fun winter leagues to keep your calendar of fun full this winter.

Are you ready to be crowned the Duckpin Bowling or Pinball champion of the world (or at least your corner of it)? PINS Mechanical offers two fun-for-all leagues running from early February for eight weeks. That’s right, when the Duckpin Bowling and Pinball leagues wrap up, spring will be right around the corner.

Duckpin Bowling leagues are held on Monday to Tuesday night at 7 or 9 p.m., starting February 6 and 7. You don’t need special shoes or to bring your own ball. Just join a team of four and you’ll be assigned to play at either 7 or 8 p.m. There will be six teams total, and each time will bowl two 10-frame game. The total score for both games will be combined for an individual score and a team score. You can be a nightly winner, or the overall session Champion, which gets you a Pins Trophy Prize Pack and full bragging rights.

The Pins Pinball League runs eight Tuesdays starting February 7. Games are played at 7 p.m., with four pinball games selected at random for each group, each week. The league is open to players of all skill levels,who record scores for all four games.

Meanwhile, the YMCA Downtown has a basketball league running from February 6 - March 6. If you are a hoops-lover, you can sign up for the $20 league at (or reach out to Matt Rice at