Downtown Concierge

Kegler Brown Hill and Ritter: Business Member Spotlight


Kegler Brown Hill and Ritter delivers on its commitment to supporting our local community. Since 2012 it has supported Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District’s program as a business member. As proof of its culture of philanthropy and service, the firm was an early supporter of the Downtown C-pass program.  

Jennifer Rosengrant, Kegler's Director of Facilities and Operations, remembers when Capital Crossroads Executive Director Cleve Ricksecker presented the concept of the Downtown C-pass program last June.

“I was immediately sold on the concept and wanted Kegler to be part of process from ground up,” she said.  “In my opinion…there really was no excuse to say no,” Rosengrant shared.

Since the Downtown C-pass began on June 1, 2018, nearly one-third of Kegler’s 145 employees have enrolled in the program. Attorney Luis Alcalde began using the C-pass this summer. 

"I am using it much more than just a couple of times a week and only drive if I really need the car," he said. "I find that I can use the time much more productively than driving like answering emails or meditating."


Program benefits extend beyond saving money and finding time. 

 "I also note that by simply walking the extra ½ mile a day each way...I am getting many more steps, which should be a plus to health," Alcalde continued. "Another plus has been meeting interesting people who also ride the bus. I have taken the bus on weekends as well when heading to the Short North to meet friends or to attend festivals downtown."

“Initially, when the sign-up period started in May, not many people were interested in the program,” Rosengrant said. “Now I have people coming to me to get more information, because they hear how wonderful using transit can be. People are excited about the program and can’t believe that it really doesn’t cost the firm or them any money.”

With the program launched, Rosengrant is proud that her firm is participating. “It’s so exciting to say that we help fund the program and make it successful.”

For information on becoming a Capital Crossroads Business Member, contact Michelle Chippas at (614) 591-4506. 

For information on how you can support the Downtown C-pass program, contact Program Manager Kacey Brankamp at (614) 591-4184.