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Tomato Salad 0615 Resize 2The weather over the past week has… Well, let’s just say, it’s been less than desirable. Seemingly endless cloud cover and rainy skies dampened a lot of spirits (and weekend plans). But you know what else rain (okay and some warm sunny skies) bring? Tomatoes… juicy red (and yellow) farm-ripe tomatoes, and they’re here, in Pearl Market.

Last week a few tomatoes showed up on the tables of Henson Farms. Man-oh-man, what a great treat it was to take home a basket and make the first caprese salad of the year. What’s even better is that almost every single ingredient was purchased in the market – woo hoo! Summer is here.

First stop was Henson Farms for tomatoes, and then onto Ohio Farm Direct for organic mozzarella cheese. Admittedly, the first time we purchased this cheese for a caprese salad, we wondered if it would have the same consistency and flavor of “fresh” mozzarella found in the grocery. Well, these grass-fed cows know how to crank out the perfect milk for a buttery mozzarella that perfectly complemented the tomatoes. We garnished with a heavy-handed dose of basil (also in Pearl Market this week), and then drizzled olive oil and balsamic over the salad. Salt and pepper. Bam! You’re ready to go.

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