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Installing Public Restroom Facilities


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Sidewalk RestroomPublic toilets are not something people like to talk about, but resulting problems from the absence of proper facilities cause real problems in urban centers. Columbus is no exception, and a pilot program is being planned to bring public restrooms downtown. Due to space constraints, full-scale buildings to house public toilets are not an option. Enter a solution that was made popular in Portland in the early 2000s: simple, flush-toilet kiosks that fit in the urban landscape.

Capital Crossroads SID has requested funds from Franklin County, the City of Columbus and COTA to help fund the purchase, installation and maintenance of one public restroom kiosk downtown in a heavy pedestrian foot traffic area. The exact location has yet to be determined.

The pilot program is currently pending funding approval from the City and County (COTA has committed to match any City and County funds), but the hope is to install the facilities in the spring of 2016. If the public restrooms reduce the problems of public urination and defecation as anticipated, additional facilities could be installed.